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Muscovy Trading Company

Moscovia and the Muscovy Company

Contemporary Works Rerum Moscoviticarum Commentarii
Von Herberstein, Sigismund (Baron)
1549, Vienna

tr. Out of Latin and German
Notes Upon Russia, Vols. 1 & 2
Major, R. H.
Hakluyt Society
1851, London
The Moscovia
Possevinus, P. Antonius
1586, Vilna; 1587, Koln & Antwerp

tr. Out of Latin & Italian
The Moscovia of Antonio Possevino, SJ
Graham, Hugh F.
1977, Pittsburgh
Of the Russe Commonwealth
Fletcher, Giles
1591, London

1966, Cambridge
Historical Works The First Forty Years of Intercourse
Between England and Russia
Tolstoy, George
1875, St Petersburg

tr. Includes Russian and Latin or English
1553-1593, London & Moscow
The Foreign Commerce of England under the Tudors
The Stanhope Essay
Williamson, John Bruce
1883, London
Studies in the History of English Commerce in the Tudor Period
The Organization and Early History of the Muscovy Company
Gerson, Armand J. (PhD)
English Trading Expeditions into Asia under the Authority of the Muscovy Company (1557-1581)
Vaugh, Earnest V. (PhD)
English Trade in the Baltic During the Reign of Elizabeth
Deardorff, Neva Ruth (PhD)
1912, New York
Related Works A Proclamation for the Marchauntes Aduenturers
Elizabeth, Queen
1559, London
A Proclamation By the Queene (Forbidding Export of Armour to Russia)
Elizabeth, Queen
1568, London
Instructions for the Keeping of Accounts
Carpenter, I
1632, London
All volumes currently stored in the Muscovy Trading Company Library for research